Diffuse Reflectance Probe from Ocean Optics

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Ocean Optics released their new Diffuse Reflectance Probe (DR-Probe). This sampling tool ir DR-removes localized variance in reflectance measurements. It is ideal for applications such as color analysis, material identification and quality monitoring of foods. The DR-Probe integrates a light source and collection optics into one unit to measure 45° diffuse reflectance. With the probe’s collection optics fixed in place relative to the light source, the measurement geometry is constant. An included standoff accessory ensures a consistent 40 mm focal length between the probe and the sample. Sampling uniformity increases the reliability and consistency of measurement results. The DR-Probe has rugged, all-metal construction for durability in the lab or field. Its 6W tungsten halogen bulb has a 10,000-hour lifetime. Compatible with Ocean Optics Visible and NIR spectrometers and accessories, the DR-Probe integrates seamlessly into experimental setups. To learn more contact an Ocean Optics Applications Scientist at info@oceanoptics.com, www.oceanoptics.com, PH: 727-733-2447.